Funny what happens when you start a blog…

Nothing funny or interesting has happened really in the past week.  All of these awesome stories were going through my head last week when I decided to start this blog and now either I can’t remember them all that well, they sound stupid when I write them down, or there is just nothing going on.

I talked to one of my friends from my “didn’t end well” job last night and she asked what was going on.  I was taken aback for a moment because as I sat there thinking of one thing that was going on I realized NOTHING was going on.  No job leads, no idea where (or when) I’m going to send my youngest child to pre-school, no drama for your llama, nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, in my world if nothing is going on, that can totally be a good thing because there are so many things that COULD be going on.  People who knew me three months ago would find this a minor national holiday, unheard of, unprecedented, kind of like a mini vacation away from all of the havoc and chaos that has plagued my life since more than a year ago.

It could be so much more. My oldest is riding the bus for the first time tomorrow.  After talking with the bus drive (who is VERY nice but clueless) I realized he must be new because he had no idea what street I was even talking about when I asked about the bus stop.  There could be a story here tomorrow, or in the newspaper the following day. Girl left on school bus because driver didn’t know where to stop… But if that is the worst that happens, I’ve decided I’m good with that.

In a matter of weeks (or days) my children will be welcoming a new sibling into their lives.  That’s big. To think a year ago they were just at the beginning of a life changing event: their father leaving his old family for a soon to be new family. How far they’ve come…

Anyway, I guess this is an apology of sorts for the mundanous of my life right now.  I had such high hopes.  I’m sure there will be more just around the bend, but until then, let’s just bask in the quietness of life, shall we?


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