Poop, it’s your standard dinnertime topic of conversation…

You know, I wrote this yesterday but saved it as a draft because, honestly, I just thought it was going too far… however, fate, God, whatever was telling me something because IT JUST KEPT COMING UP TODAY! So in an effort to get it out on the table and out of the way…here…

I giggle as I write this, but this weekend I was with my friend and her family and had the fortunate opportunity to dine with them. This included her husband and sons, ages 5  and 1.  Effortlessly, throughout two meals, poop came up as the topic of conversation.  She was agast that her husband and son kept bringing the topic up at the table.  I thought this was all fun and games until tonight at dinner with my parents, a commercial came on about constipation.  I immediately thought of her and mentioned that poop had come up often at several of my meals this week. After dinner my mom and dad were cleaning up and they were arguing about the cleanliness of a knife that was in the sink. I was outside on the deck when I heard my dad say, “It’s greasier that shit!”. I burst out laughing at this point and yelled, “I didn’t know shit could be greasy!”. Needless to say, the neighbors were intrigued. So there, poop can be a topic of conversation at the dinner table…

3 thoughts on “Poop, it’s your standard dinnertime topic of conversation…”

  1. hahaha ahahhahahah !!

    At least it’s not just my family !!

    I do think tho, on a serious note, my entire boy clan needs therapy. POOP does not naturally come up in everyones conversations. It can’t. I went my entire pre-adult life never discussing such a thing. (thanx Mom) Farts didn’t happen, POOP out was out of the question.. and darest woudl be the one to bring an unpleasant odor arising from the bathroom, grounding would be instant!! Heck, even burping whats a “mom-lookofdisapproving’ occasion.

    Seriously. POOP is my entire life. We POOP on schedule and we all know everyones. We are on such a POOP schedule.. that if someone misses one, even the 5yr old says: Hey Dad, you forgot to POOP. Blah !!! 😛

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