Wicked…life lessons for us all. (Warning – could contain spoilers!)

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Last Tuesday I went with my mom to see Wicked.  It was amazing on an epic scale and I would highly recommend it if you get the chance to see it.  It will totally change your perspective about the Wicked Witch of the West, and other characters of the story (the Wizard, Glinda the Good, etc.) …maybe a few other people who might have been misunderstood along the way…speaking in a personal sense, of course.

The music and story line is powerful, but if you are a stickler for details there are parts that may bother you because they don’t completely fit in with the telling of the original Wizard of Oz. I just like to pick things apart to find the holes, but it didn’t really ruin the message of the show for me.

There is something to be said for the main characters, Ga-linda (Glinda the Good) and Elphaba (the “Wicked” Witch).  Honestly, it would be nice to believe that many of us have qualities of both of them.  Glinda’s propensity to see the “good” in everything, or to just skim the surface and never dig too deep into the how’s and why’s of life.  To never “rock” the boat per se.

And then there’s Elphaba. Poor misunderstood, overlooked, Elphaba.  Who knows what she believes and feels too much. Awkward. Strange. Never being loved. Standing for a cause, and refusing to back down.  Always taking the back seat to everyone else, and finally finding herself and the courage to stand up for herself and what she believes in.  So misunderstood and blamed for everything, even though all she was trying to do in the beginning was the right thing.  Helping others.  Even though no one, save Galinda (and maybe Fiero), tried to help her. A good person, painted in a bad light to save the face of others more important than her.

You have to admire them both.  Standing for what they wanted and believed.  But at the same time, staying true to each other in the end. It is difficult in this day and age to find someone like Elphaba, and likewise Glinda.  I mean on the surface Glinda’s are a dime a dozen.  Worried only about being “popular” and nice, and getting the guy and the happy ending.  But I’d like to believe in the end there was SOME depth to her.  She understood Elphaba, but wanted different things. But she loved Elphaba too.  You find many superficial people these days, but sometimes you have to wonder, is there something more there?

So in conclusion, I hope we as individuals, and as a society, have a little bit of both of them in us.  Wanting good, happiness, equality, justice, the boy… but in the end, willing to step back and allow things to fall as they may after we’ve tried our best to do with what we have been given.  And to be true to each other.  Which would you be?

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