Wait, wha…?

You want me to what?
You want me to what?

I am exhausted. I haven’t written since the astounding announcement of my impending employment. I love having a job and going to work and the challenges my classroom presents, but man, this is hard.

I was amazingly unprepared for the insanity of all that is entailed with working in an “inner” city and public school. I don’t sleep, I leave for work at 6:30am and get home at 5:30pm. Then, after dinner I work until the girls go to bed at 8PM, but not before I check their homework or give spelling tests. I work while they fall asleep, and then until 10PM.

My weekends are filled with unending searches for the magic cure for behavior management in my classroom, only to find it’s now Sunday afternoon and I need to get my lesson plans completed for Monday and to be emailed to my supervising administrator. It’s not your normal lesson plans either: objective, common core standard alignment, focus, procedure, Special Education accommodations, and assessment focus.

There are Direct Instruction times that have to be planned out for Corrective Reading, shared reading, guided reading, centers, vocabulary and word study. Math lessons with fluency, applied problems, problem sets, exit tickets, and homework assignments.

Somebody please stop the ride, I want off for five minutes, or long enough for me to use the bathroom. I would start drinking, but I’m afraid if I started I wouldn’t stop. It would help me sleep better, but I’m not sure how effective I’d be in the morning with a hangover.

Teachers are extremely under appreciated and underpaid. Have you thanked your child’s teacher today? Do it.

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