Let’s Talk About Me…

  • am a 35-something year old, mom of two girls, 7 and 4.
  • am currently working as a substitute teacher in like, 8 school districts after losing my job last year.
  • Oh yeah, and before I forget, my life took a random turn about a year ago when I went through a whirlwind divorce which was a COMPLETE and total surprise to me by the way, but SHOULDN’T have been (I lost my job AFTER that…).
  • have two daughters, who live with me in a lavish walk-out basement apartment (in my parent’s house). Yes, you read that correctly…
  • use to have a dog, but had to send him to live with the girl’s dad (who then had to send him to live with HIS parents, because he had a new baby…yeah, that happened…), …but with us, he kept being aggressive with guests, (the dog, not the dad…) I assume due to post traumatic stress syndrome.
  • have been a teacher/jack-of-all-trades/put-me-anywhere-as-long-as-I’m-working-with-kids-so-I-can-live-in-a-regressive-state-for-an-indefinite-amount-of-time, AND you’ll-pay-me-for-it (WHEW)  for 10+ years in several schools and districts in central Illinois.
  • am currently attending college to get my Associates Degree in Web Graphic Design, and possibly my Bachelors, because, hey, you can never have too many degrees, right?
  • have hilarious friends and family who support me and are ridiculously gracious to me.
  • have a best friend whose family will regularly bring up poop at the dinner table and in other random conversations…
  • will use this blog to randomly post blatant absurdities about myself, my life, and things that go on around it… to bear my soul, and most importantly, have something to look back at to laugh about when the day comes I finally figure it all out… which, could be quite a long time, but I’m willing to wait…

Follow me if you dare, I promise it will not always be pretty, or politically correct, or follow common rational at all for that matter… but it might be fun…

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