Random Texts and Facebook messages that are proof we should be comedians…

So my friend and I are always saying we should be comedians because our lives are so hilarious, and we are too.  And that’s not tooting our own horn because, really, we ARE hilarious… here are some random texts and FB messages that are proof!

Trisha: 😉 sorry for shortness, I’m driving to get more pizzas, because [someone] showed up at the pajama party.. with 3 pizzas for 20 children and parents. REALLY???
when I finally checked into a mental institution, remember this moment.
Me:  Omg who put [them] in charge? Good luck!
Fuck me! what is that patient prayer again?
 Don’t worry, I’m documenting everything.
LOL thanx
that documentation may come in handy at the trial you know the 1 because I’ve gunned like 8 people down
 I can see the headline now: woman loses it after 10 long years!!
Omg it’ll be another Gabby Gifford incident. Just remember, it’s only pizza…
 This time its pizza… but what about the years of torture?? that has to count for something
Remember, your reward is in heaven… isn’t that what someone would say?
Jesus or the pope…
Tammy Faye Baker maybe?
Well, you just officially made my list of people to hurt. Lololo
Hey, I’m just trying to help you maintain your new facade…
 Facade? Shut up. Just shut up. I’m human.  I’m allowed to err.
It’s ok, I know you’re just really a big ole softy at heart… 😀
Eeegawd. I’d rather be known as cold
 Dude, come down off of the ledge…lol
 Hahaa ur  funny. I’m in the church basement with kids and parents I don’t know. I’ve got a rental house on the ledge…
Haha, we REALLY need to write a book with this shit…
We’d be Fuggin millionaires. Hey, you’ve got free time.. Get on it cheeto fingers
Haha,I hate you too…
*muah* yup
Go have fun in your church basement…you sound like a molester or something, lol:-)
 Ewwww I do. Gag

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